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Lets make a deal! How NIL changed College Athletics forever.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Beginning in 2021, NIL was introduced to college athletes where they could make a profit on their name, image, and likeness in college athletics. Whether or not athletes should have the ability to profit for themselves has been a hot topic in the sports world for a while. The world of creating NIL deals is just as difficult as playing the game itself. These promotions quickly become competitive as each company wants to capitalize on the best athlete.

When you step back and think about the revenue each college athletic program brings to campus, it dwindles to the success of the teams and athletes in the program itself. College athletics has become a place where stars are born and begin their journey into their career. NIL has allowed athletes to capitalize on their status and social value to help support national and local businesses. I think it is important for athletes to be able to use their voice and support businesses they value in their everyday life.NIL has also played a part in the recruitment process by allowing athletes to compare where they can receive the best NIL opportunities. The power of social media has allowed athletes to create a large presence online and reach fans across the nation. Social media allows sports fans to follow essentially any athlete online, which is great for companies wanting to reach a larger audience.

At the end of the day, college athletes, professional athletes, and any athlete are more than an athlete. I think it's inspiring to watch college athletes use their platform for something positive and bring support to businesses as well as create themselves as a personal brand rather than just an athlete.

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