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Brand Your Business

Potential clients have this magical thing called the internet where they can find your business, and possibly 50 other businesses. How you can stand apart from other companies is by branding your business, and here are a few ways you can do that.

>> Define Your Brand

This is what your mission statement should be all about. Make sure the values and beliefs you have held for your brand is known. Mine is to give the best quality to small businesses or entrepreneurs even if they are on a budget.

>> Identify Your Strengths

Why should people choose you over another company? Put yourself out there on social media, networking events or in emails about what your strengths are. It has to be known what you are good at, or the potential client will go somewhere else.

>> Know Your Target Audience

This is something I have struggled with simply because I want to reach everyone. Obviously that is impossible, so you have to target who you want to reach. It is like a Facebook ad, be selective of what cities you want to see your ad, choose what demographics are viewing your services and what kind of people such as fashion bloggers, athletes, etc. are seeing your ad.

>> Be Consistent

I have many small businesses I run, and I will be honest that around the holidays I was not consistent with reaching out to people or publishing content on social media. Being consistent is necessary to keep yourself relevant and pushing your work out there. It is also needed to publish on all of the platforms that you have.

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